People choose to live in hotels for a variety of reasons, and these motivations can range from temporary stays to long-term accommodation. Here are a few reasons why people may prefer hotels as their temporary or permanent accommodation:

Travel and Tourism:
One of the most obvious motivations is travelling. Hotels provide tourists with comfortable and convenient accommodation during their holiday or business trip. The variety of hotels allows you to choose an option that suits your budget and preferences.

Work Travel:
For people who are often on business trips, a hotel becomes a second home. It is a convenient place to stay, offering all the amenities and services needed to successfully complete work tasks.

Renovation and Construction:
While renovating their home or moving to a new location, people may choose a hotel as a temporary accommodation. This allows them to maintain their comfort and level of convenience even while undergoing changes in their routine life.

Long Term Accommodations:
Some people choose hotels for long-term stays, especially if they provide apartments with kitchen and laundry facilities. This can be convenient for those who value flexibility and hotel-level service.

Business Events and Conferences:
Hotels often serve as venues for business events, conferences and seminars. Hotel accommodation in this case becomes a convenient and efficient option.

Entertainment and Leisure:
People choose hotels for leisure and recreational activities such as spa treatments, swimming pools and restaurants. This creates an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation.

Security and Maintenance:
Hotels provide room service, security and housekeeping services, making life easier and allowing guests to focus on their worries.

Everyone chooses a hotel according to their needs and preferences, and for many people it becomes not just a temporary place to stay, but part of a defined lifestyle.